GlobeRiders Motorcycle Road Tips: Zippers

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Motorcycle Tips from Adventure Motorcyclist Helge Pedersen (Video)

Unless you broke or had one jam while riding, a zipper is usually the last thing in a motorcyclist’s mind.

But as the famed adventure rider and author of “10 Years on 2 Wheels” Helge Pedersen remarks, zippers on a motorcyclist’s gear and apparel takes a beating, especially in hot, dusty climates.

And this beating turns into jammed or broken zippers while out riding, which can easily ruin your day. But Pedersen has a simple solution that’s not only relevant for adventure riders, but all riders.

In the video attached above by Touratech, Pedersen took some time from his recent GlobeRiders’ tour, “Africa Adventure,” to film another installment of “Tips form the Road.” In the video, Pedersen provides some simple tips regarding zipper maintenance.

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