Motor Trike Chooses TireGard TPMS

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Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Motor Trike of Troup, Texas, has chosen TireGard Tire Pressure Monitoring System as standard equipment on its 2012 Trikes.

TireGard by Big Bike Parts was first introduced in 2008 and has been recognized as the motorcycle market leader in Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.

Offering 4 distinct products, TireGard has systems for 2-wheel motorcycles, Trikes, Bike and Trailer, and a new handlebar mount for 2 wheel systems.

The recognized value of including TireGard’s 3 wheel Trike system as the exclusive supplier as standard equipment, sets Motor Trike’s industry leadership ahead of everyone else by taking safety into account. TPM systems are also a proven way to increase fuel efficiency and extend tire life.

Lightweight, 1⁄3 ounce sensors do not require tire re-balancing and each sensor has a patented anti- theft ring.

TireGard sensor technology also incorporates a unique 20 minute battery saver mode as well as G-Fore sensing to wake sensors up. All monitors come with their own one hour battery saver mode to insure long life on all components.

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