Husaberg Team Talks 2012 AMA Enduro

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2012 AMA National Enduro

This Sunday, the 2012 AMA Rekluse National Enduro Series begins in Wedgefield, SC, for the Sumter National Enduro.

One team that will once again be a big competitor in the Enduro series will be the Husaberg Factory team of Nick Fahringer and Mike Lafferty. In the 2011 series, which was won by KTM’s Russell Bobbitt, Fahringer finished third, and Lafferty fifth.

Following is an interview of the Husaberg boys before the 10-race series begins.

Husaberg: Hey guys! How did the off-season treat you? Nick, we know you were hurt how has the comeback been?

Nick Fahringer says: “It’s been a long road to recovery. After tearing my ACL before the end of the season last year, I was off the bike for four months before I was able to ride. I finally threw a leg over the bike around New Year’s and have been pushing hard ever since. I feel like my conditioning is good but nothing beats time on the bike and I definitely could use some more seat time.”

Mike Lafferty says: “Luckily, I was injury-free this past season and I was able to use the off-season to my advantage. I’ve been riding nearly every day I could for the past two months and I’ve been increasing my mountain bike miles too. I feel pretty confident going into this first round which is something I’m really proud to be able to say.”

Husaberg: We know both of you will be on two-strokes this year, tell us a little about your bikes and how testing has been.

Nick Fahringer says: “I’m really excited to return on the two-stroke. I had a lot of success at the end of the 2011 season once I made the switch to the two-stroke. I was able to get my first National Enduro race win and back it up with a few more. I will again be on the TE300 this year and have kept my set-up pretty consistent with what I had last year. In that respect it has been relatively easy to return to the bike so now the hard part is just strengthening my knee and staying upright.”

Mike Lafferty: “I’ve found a new love for the two-strokes as well and I will be riding the TE250. My mechanic Adam and I have worked a lot with the Factory Connection guys the last few weeks and have really dialed in my suspension. I’m also really impressed with the motor. Even in stock form it has so much power. I feel really confident in my bike. We’ve done a few local warm-up races and I’ve had some good success and am pretty excited to compete at the national level this weekend.”

Husaberg: It’s great to hear you will both be back on the two-stroke and that testing has gone so well. What does each of you expect from the first race? Where do you see yourself finishing?

Nick Fahringer: “I definitely know I am not 100% yet from my injury but I still feel like I am a top five guy and that even a podium should be within reach. I feel if I put myself in a good position from the start of the first test I will be competitive at the first round and hopefully I can quickly progress as the season continues.”

Mike Lafferty: “I’ve definitely been doing my work on and off the bike and as most racers say, I want to win. Nobody wants to jinx themselves by saying they are going to win but that is definitely the end goal and what we hope for at every round this season.”

Husaberg: Thanks for the time. We wish you both the best of luck at the first round and hope to see you on the box.

Nick Fahringer: “Thanks, we’re hoping to represent Husaberg well this year.”

Mike Lafferty: “We appreciate the support, and hope to follow up with some good news.”

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