2012 Husqvarna Concept Strada | Intro

Husqvarna Street Bike

In early September, Husqvarna introduced its first-ever street bike to the public, the Nuda 900. Husky immediately classified the Nuda 900 as a “crossover” model, something between a supermoto and a naked bike.

But before this news even settled throughout the industry, the company, which was first Swedish-owned, then Italian and now Germany under BMW, introduced yet another street motorcycle – the Concept Strada.

The 2012 Husqvarna Concept Strada, which will be officially unveiled at the Salon de la Moto Show in Paris Nov. 29, was designed to target the “youthful on-road motorcyclists who will “appreciate its sharp styling, fun handling and great road manners.”

The Concept Strada (Italian for street) features a 650cc single-cylinder engine that was original designed by BMW for its ubiquitous F-series range of motorcycles. A version of the Concept Strada’s engine currently powers the BMW G 650 GS, Husky says.

Husqvarna says: “This engine has been ‘breathed on’ by specialist Husqvarna engineers and the subsequent power upgrade has resulted in an extremely lively machine that (at less than 374 lbs. dry) will put a smile back on the face of even the weariest commuter.”

Husky reports that the Concept Strada is in the advanced stages of development, and will be introduced into the motorcycle market in 2012.

Speaking of the new Concept Strada, Husqvarna says “Like the Nuda before it, and the Concept Moab that was unveiled in Husqvarna Motorcycles’ home territory at the recent EICMA show in Milan, the Concept Strada is further evidence of the company’s commitment to expanding its model portfolio and providing fans of the legendary Italian brand with a new series of road motorcycles.

“BMW-powered, but Husqvarna-driven, the Concept Strada will be the perfect machine for taking on the urban jungle. Its combination of easy handling, punchy engine and user-friendly ergonomics will make it appeal to both young and ‘young at heart’ male and female riders looking for an extra special motorcycle for everyday use. A wide range of accessories to cater for a variety of requirements will also be available when the Concept Strada goes on sale in 2012.”

Stay clicked to UltimateMotorCycling.com for the latest details of the Concept Strada as Husqvarna releases them.


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