RS Taichi: Purchase a Suit, Get Free Gloves

RS Taichi Motorcycle Gear

Now through Jan. 31, 2012, with the purchase of a men’s or women’s RS Taichi leather suit, buyers receive a free pair of racing gloves. This is a recession-busting value of up to $220, just in time for the holidays.

These fully armored leathers range from the basic $949.95 GP-X to the $3299.95 airbag-equipped GP-Max, with the GP-WRX 303 and standard GP-Max series suits filling the middle ground. Free gloves available are RS Taichi’s GP-EVO, GP-WRX or GP-X, in colors to match the suits.

RS Taichi’s GP-X suit is the most affordable in RS Taichi’s race-quality leather range. It is available in four colors, perforated and distinguished by Super Air Ducts on the shoulders for enhanced airflow, stretchable Shoeller Keprotec panels in all the right places for maximum mobility, and a quick-dry inner liner. Matching GP-X gloves, valued at $95.95, come with this suit.

The midrange GP-WRX 303 will be released at the end of December. It is set apart by RS Taichi’s Advanced Intake Receiver for great protection and max airflow, perforated leather and neoprene flex panels offering enhanced maneuverability, and a removable liner. This $1249.95 suit is available in a handsome black & yellow limited edition, as well as three other color combinations. GP-WRX gloves, valued at $159.95, go well with these leathers.

RS Taichi’s top-of-the-line GP-Max NXL101 comes in two versions. The R101 T-Raps features an exclusive Air Bag Protection System. Constructed from perforated 1.5mm Japanese cowhide that is silicone injected for water resistance, these leathers come equipped with a back protector and a removable, moisture-wicking inner liner for $3,299.95 by special order. The standard GP-Max, a non-airbag R101 version, retails for $2399.95. Custom sizing is available for both. A pair of GP-EVO gloves that cost $219.95 are free with either suit.

Find an RS Taichi dealer at and see these high-tech leathers and gloves, along with their extensive technical features, by logging on to


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