Shoot the Salt: BUB Documentary (Video)


Bonneville BUB Motorcycle Trials

Nate Conway has put together “Shoot the Salt,” a documentary that follows Jody Perewitz and Team J’Witz as she attempts to set a land speed record and become the first woman to race an American made motorcycle over 200 mph.

Perewitcz’s performance will take place in the stunning Salt Flats of Utah during Bonneville’s Bub Motorcycle Trials, on the same grounds where Burt Munro, aka, “the world’s fastest India,” made history.

Jody’s quest is similar to that of many of daredevils who are driven to test their mettle, and ‘shoot the salt’ for a chance at history. She is fearless, trusts her bike, and has been training hard for the opportunity.

But her feat’s distinction lies not only in her gender and machine type, which would be a recorded first, but also in the personal circumstances surrounding the event. Whether she is aware of it or not, Jody is stepping out from the shadow cast by her father, Dave Perewitz, a world-renowned custom bike builder.

Not only did her famous Dad build the family name to be synonymous with custom bike building, he also built the machine that will rocket his daughter 200 miles per hour over the earth. A family’s dynamic, an American engine’s strength, and a young women’s belief in herself will all be tested in this uplifting tale about the pursuit of infamy.


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