Kamome Sprinter Custom Harley

Custom Harley-Davidson

This year iconic Japanese Denim label Evisu teamed up with Europe’s oldest official Harley-Davidson dealership Warr’s of London and famous custom designer Charlie Stockwell to create and hand build a one-off classically-inspired Harley-Davidson.

Synonymous with luxurious craftsmanship and one-off design, The Evisu x Warr’s Harley-Davidson Motorbike, aptly named the Kamome Sprinter, showcases a darkened harmonic combination of past vintage styles with modern functionality and celebrates the creativity and hand-made practices for which both brands are famous.

The Evisu Warr’s Harley-Davidson mission statement outlines that every detail crafted has its purpose and function throughout this whole creative process. Warr’s famous engineering is expressed through pure lines and timeless elegance in this design, whilst historic influences of performance, precision and production from iconic label Evisu, blends the styling of this bike to perfection.

Welding, engraving, bending metal; stitching, riveting denim and embossing and treating leather – Warr’s & Evisu heritage is celebrated throughout the entire motorcycle and the same technical exactness that Charlie Stockwell rules by was taken into account throughout the design and ultimately drove this bike to completion.

Every detail of this bike offers more than meets the eye. Look closely into the hand engraved engine covers and you will see Japanese inspired art. Nishikigoi Koi, scales, crashing waves and dragons are just some of what can be found on first glance of the beautifully and probably painstakingly hand engraved work of a local gunsmith in London. Look closer and you see more of the Evisu influence in symbols and characters used by the denim brand throughout their 20 year existence.

Not only is the engraving breathtaking but the overall finish of the engine is astonishing too. Everything is plated in a warm mirror like Nickel plating. The nickel plating doesn’t stop on the engine. The gas tank, hand rolled fenders and handlebars have all been polished and nickel plated. On closer examination you will notice that every nut, bolt and washer have been treated with the same care and attention.

Evisu denim has been used to wrap the brake lines and clutch cable. Adding a quirky yet vintage look. The denim is again used running along the centre of the gas tank where it meets and tidy battery cover sitting beneath a beautifully hand made sprung solo saddle finished in burnished antique brown leather. The battery cover neatly hides the ECM, battery and fuse box. It’s disguised again in Evisu denim but this time features the iconic ‘rear pocket’ with gold stitched Evisu Kamome or Seagull as its often referred to.

The wheels wrapped in Firestone rubber are finished in a rich satin black that compliments the same finish of the scallop design on the nickel plated gas tank and Springer front fork.
The finished bike is an absolute master piece.

Executed with tremendous skill, knowledge, talent and vision. It made it’s debut earlier this year at the California Dreamin’ World Class Custom Motorcycle Expo in England and has since been displayed in Warr’s famous King’s Road showrooms and the Evisu store on Savile Row in the heart of London.

One thing known for sure is that this Evisu Harley-Davidson will be a serious bike for a serious collector. It has recently been purchased by one of Formula Ones Superstar drivers and long standing customer of Charlie’s & Warr’s

For more info and photos of the Kamome Sprinter custom Harley-Davidson please see warrs.com or their Facebook page facebook.com/warrscustoms or Twitter twitter.com/warrscustoms.

Kamome Sprinter Custom Harley-Davidson Specs:

  • Name – Kamome Sprinter
  • Design – Charlie Stockwell & Evisu
  • Completion – 8 weeks
  • Donor vehicle – 2011 H-D Softail Crossbones
  • Engine – 96ci Twin-Cam B
  • Trans – H-D 6-Speed
  • Frame – H-D Softail
  • Swingarm – H-D Softail
  • Forks – H-D Springer
  • Brakes – H-D
  • Exhaust – Warr’s/Charlie Stockwell – Spud Shooter Exhaust
  • Air Cleaner – Warr’s Cali’ Air Cleaner
  • Handlebars – Warr’s Kamome Drop Bars
  • Saddle – Warr’s Messinger Solo Antique Brown
  • Tire Front – Firestone Champion 4.00 x 18
  • Tire Rear – Firestone Champion 5.00 x 16
  • Front wheel – 18 x 3.5
  • Rear wheel – 16 x 3.5
  • Fenders – Warr’s Frisco
  • Headlamp – CSC
  • Tail lamp – CSC
  • Engraving – Warr’s by appointment
  • Denim Wrap – Charlie Stockwell & Evisu
  • Plating – London Chroming
  • Custom Paint – Classic Cycle Works

Photography – Marianne Logica