Scorpion EXO-1100: TCT Technology

Scorpion Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion's EXO-1100 is a true technological triumph. Intended to build on the legacy of the top-of-the-line EXO-1000, this next-generation helmet really does establish a new benchmark.

Starting with the exclusive TCT (Thermodynamical Composite Technology) shell construction process and featuring a revised EPS liner, the EXO-1100 is entirely new, inside and out.

Michael MacGregor (Scorpion Sports Inc. Product Manager) says: "Think of it as a ‘smart helmet' when it comes to its ability to absorb impact.

"The shell is able to gradually crumple on impact, which allows it to absorb much of the energy generated by the shock, while still retaining the majority of its structural integrity." Smart, indeed.

An added benefit of the TCTTM construction is lighter weight. The EXO-1100 weighs in around the same as helmets costing twice the price.

"Our original EXO-1000 shell was based on a fiberglass and Kevlar weave, which is great for protection purposes, but a little heavier than the upgraded fiberglass/Kevlar/poly-resin blend of fibers found in the new EXO-1100."

Poly-resin fiber is used extensively in the aerospace industry because of its combination of strength, lightweight, abrasion resistance and impact absorption properties.

Although the TCT technology may not be visible to the naked eye, fans of the brand will immediately recognize Scorpion's SpeedShift quick-change system, EverClear no-fog shields and the exclusive SpeedView integrated retractable sunvisor. The light-smoke SpeedView® internal visor eases eye strain in varying light conditions without the need to change shields or wear sunglasses. EverClear coating ensures that the inner visor never fogs up, regardless of external riding conditions.

In addition to a full field of vision, the EXO-1100 also benefits from the AirFit helmet inflation system found on the EXO-900, EXO-750, EXO-500 and VX-34 models. The AirFit technology enables the rider to inflate the cheek pads providing a fine-tuned fit at the push of a button. Speaking of cheeks, the new lid gets the updated KwikWick®II moisture-wicking comfort liner and triple density cheek pads.

All this technology makes for a better fitting and lighter weight lid, without sacrificing protection since the EXO-1100 is ECE 22.05 certified and meets or exceeds DOT safety standards. Make the smart choice and check out the EXO-1100 for yourself!

MSRP for the EXO-1100: Starting at $289.95 for solids, $299.95 for most graphics.

Sizes: XS-2XL



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