Victory: Ride One, Own One (Video)

Victory Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles is dedicated to what they build, and the American V-Twin company’s marketing backs this sentiment.

This is evident in Victory’s latest YouTube video, "Victory Motorcycles: Taking it to the Streets." In the short, Victory roams the famed Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which for two weeks becomes the backbone of Harley-Davidson aficionados, riders Victory obviously targets.

This official video, which features the antics of R. Lee Ermey, explains the reactions of other motorcyclists during Victory’s tour through the land of Harley riders.

Following is a snippet of the determination Victory has to prove its machines are the "best motorcycles in the world."

Victory says: "Thirteen years ago a challenger was born. And to this day we continue to fight for what we believe in. We build the best motorcycles in the world. Our riders know it. The industry knows it. And now, the world will know it. We took our fight to the streets. In a way that others have never done. To get riders to join our movement we went to the heart of motorcycling, Sturgis.

"400,000 people. 9 cameras. 3 days. 1 goal. To prove one thing. Ride One, and You’ll Own One. We stand behind our bikes. Hitting the streets and challenging riders to find out for themselves that we build the best bikes on the planet.

"We’re not done. We’ll keep breaking boundaries to give riders what they want.

"Victory Motorcycles: Ride One, and You’ll Own One."