Sons of Anarchy: Illusion Charity Bike

Sons of Anarchy

Taking some time off from producing the FX-hit show Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter put his skills to a charitable use.

This was after Sutter had an idea to build a Sons of Anarchy charity motorcycle, with all sale proceeds going directly to The Wounded Warriors Foundation, which helps injured and disabled military heroes leading the fight in the war against Terror.

Wanting a design based around the SOA television series, Sutter consulted Rusty Coones and Rod Requejo (T-Rod) at Illusion Motorsports in Southern California to design the Sons of Anarchy Charity Bike.

Coones, who is also the guitar player in the metal band ATTIKA7 that could be heard in SOA, has become a staple name in the world of custom motorcycles. His Illusion Motorsports shop, considered a state of the art facility, was one of the first to offer complete rolling chassis kits. Illusion is also the source for a full line of custom built, EPA certified big inch engines and the revolutionary BAR 6-speed transmission.

When building the SOA Charity Bike, time was limited; the team only had 14 days to complete the task. FOX filmed the task, and the footage of the build is available in SONS Season 3 DVD Collection. The above YouTube video highlights the build.

Illusion really nailed the soul of SONS with this Bad ‘N Black scooter, a fitting tribute to our men and women in uniform. This is SOA’s way of saying “thank you for your unselfish service to our country.”


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