EarPeace: Sound Clarity for Motorcyclists

Ear Peace Ear Plugs

When the folks at EarPeace began designing their hearing protection that’s marketed as a "lifestyle product," the resulting earplugs weren’t intended for motorcyclists.

The EarPeace earplugs, which feature a high-fidelity design that "lowers the volume without distorting the sound or creating a boxed in feeling," were created for people visiting loud events such as concerts, theaters of sporting games.

Think about the inside of an arena when AMA Supercross comes to town. Sometimes the noise it so loud that each varying sound signal intersects, creating baffled noises. Ear Peace was designed to deaden these baffled noises and provide clear audio, all while protecting the user’s hearing from harmful decibels.

This Supercross noise concept is very similar to what occurs when we’re riding motorcycles, especially at higher speeds. The wind noises can become very annoying, destroying the fun factor and our safety awareness. And ever try using an intercom system over 70 mph without the best windshield to tuck behind? Hearing the other person is almost impossible.

Enter Ear Peace. These innovative earplug devices fit unobtrusively into the ear, and allow for greater sound comfort while piloting our motorcycles, especially on the interstate.

I was reluctant to try EarPeace at first due to my past experience using standard-issue earplugs. With the standard devices, sounds are completely muffled, and this could cause safety issues while traveling. With the archaic earplugs, I once missed an ambulance rushing an intersection, the actual vehicle blocked by buildings, and the vehicle’s sirens blocked by junk earplugs.

If I was using EarPeace, I would have easily heard that ambulance; the product provides complete awareness and clear sound, but lowers the harmful decibels. And this is very useful when touring, especially when wind noises began working their way into a motorcyclist’s nervous system.

And this happens quickly for me; wind noise becomes extremely annoying after about 100 miles of constant travel, even with the quietest of helmets (e.g.: Arai RX-Q).

While testing the Ear Peace, these annoying, inside-the-helmet wind noises remained dormant. And while using EarPeace during a 350-mile day of sport touring, the product remained comfortable in the ears, as if not even there.

And for those who use head sets for rider-to-passenger, or for Bluetooth technology with a cell phone or GPS unit, the audio is clear and crisp. Unwanted noise was always a constant struggle while using the Cardo Scala Rider Q2, especially when synching the headset to my Droid. But now, even at highway speeds, I can answer calls when needed, and hear the other party more clearly.

EarPiece simply works, and at under $13 a set, is by far the cheapest way to create a more comfortable ride.

EarPiece has an MSRP of $12.95; this includes a set, and an extra plug in case you lose one (or have one swallowed by a foot of mud under a highway underpass while conditions are rainy, foggy and dark).

And UltimateMotorCycling.com readers can get an extra 25-percent off a purchase of two pairs by entering the code motorcycle25.

For additional information, log onto EarPeace.

EarPeace Quick Look:

  • EarPeace simultaneously protects hearing and provides high-quality sound
  • EarPeace is comfortable for long periods of time and is made out of safe, strong, reusable hypoallergenic silicone
  • EarPeace is available in three different skin tones
  • EarPeace comes in a sleek, stylish aluminum case
  • EarPeace was tested by Michael & Associates, the leading independent lab in the country for measuring hearing protection performance.
  • EarPeace reduces sound pressure by 75 percent when used properly while delivering crisp and clean sound quality.
  • EarPeace offers a money back guarantee.


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