JIMS AFR Diagnostic Sniffer Motorcycle Tool


Harley-Davidson Tools

The new JIMS AFR Diagnostic Sniffer Tool No. 777 allows you to accurately diagnose and record your current air to fuel ratio.

JIMS has manufactured and assembled all the parts needed for a single part number, user-friendly, AFR diagnostic sniffer tool kit. Use with the Daytona Twin Tec (WEGO) or an equivalent AFR Monitoring System. Simply install the WEGO III sensor cable into the new JIMS manifold sniffer.

The JIMS AFR Diagnostic Sniffer comes complete with heat wrap, wire taps, and clamp for securing the sniffer to the exhaust system. During testing, the JIMS® AFR Sniffer had readings that were virtually identical to the readings from a wide-band sensor mounted in the stock location near the cylinder head and accurate readings were obtained at above approximately 10% throttle.

JIMS, a manufacturer of performance parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, says the AFR Diagnostic Sniffer Tool No. 777 is manufactured right here in the U.S.A. with an MSRP of $285.00. For more information please visit us at jimsusa.com, find us on Facebook, or call 805-482-6913.