Harley-Davidson ‘Slipstream’ Accessories

Harley-Davidson Chrome Accessories

The new Slipstream Collection from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories combines mirror-finish chrome surfaces and contrasting black pads that complement both blacked-out and chrome-covered custom motorcycles.

The collection includes grips, mirrors, footboard inserts and foot control pads that feature aero-inspired spears deeply embedded in the surface, and square-shouldered rubber pads for contemporary looks and added traction.

Harley-Davidson Slipstream Items in the collection include:

  • Slipstream Hand Grips (P/N 56100028, $99.95 and P/N 56100029, $89.95)
  • Slipstream Mirrors (P/N 56000006, $129.95)
  • Slipstream Footpegs (P/N 50500091, $89.95)
  • Slipstream Shifter Peg (P/N 33600008, $29.95)
  • Slipstream Brake Pedal Pads (P/N 50600037 Small, $39.95 and P/N 50600040 Large, $49.95)
  • Slipstream Traditional Footboard Inserts (P/N 50500093 Rider, $129.95 and P/N 50500096 Passenger, $119.95)
  • Slipstream Swept Wing Footboard Inserts (P/N 50500089 Rider, $129.95 and P/N 50500090 Passenger, $119.95)

See an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for fitment details.


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