Chicken Hawk: Four AMA Road Racing Titles

Chicken Hawk Racing

Chicken Hawk Racing congratulates Danny Eslick, Chris Fillmore, David Gaviria and James Rispoli for winning the AMA Pro Roadracing Daytona Sportbike, XR1200 and both SuperSport championships using Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers.

Dominating the American Superbike grid, Chicken Hawk Racing warmers heated the tires for nine of the top 10 riders.

In the Superbike class, Blake Young missed the championship by five points after winning seven races and standing on the podium 11 times in one of the most competitive seasons ever. Young, along with Tommy Hayden and Martin Cardenas, scored 11 of 14 wins using Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers to give them the confidence to charge into the first turn. Ben Bostrom, Roger Hayden, Larry Pegram, Chris Clark, Steve Rapp and Geoff May filled out the next eight spots in this premier series.

Oklahoma native Eslick won a hard-fought second title in the exciting Daytona Sportbike class, nailing down the championship with one race remaining. Seven of the top ten overall finishers, also on Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers, won seven of 13 races, took five pole positions and uncorked champagne in 41 of 65 podium appearances.

These talented racers include Jason DiSalvo, Cory West, Cameron Beaubier, Dane Westby, Tyler O’Hara and P.J. Jacobsen.

Chicken Hawk Racing-equipped racers took all nine wins and the top five overall series points in the XR1200 ranks. Led by the versatile Fillmore, who also rode a Superbike, Steve Rapp, O’Hara, Michael Beck and Kyle Wyman were the fastest qualifiers seven times in this nine-race series and stood on the podium in 20 of 27 possible appearances.

In the east-coast SuperSport series, Rispoli, nicknamed “The Rocket,” wrapped up this young-gun title with a pair of wins and six podium appearances. Tomas Puerta and Dustin Dominguez finished third and fourth in the final standings.

Gaviria topped the west-coast SuperSport class with a consistent season in the eight-race series. Chicken Hawk-runners Corey Alexander took third and Elena Myers placed fifth in the overall standings.

Chicken Hawk Racing President and Founder David Podolsky, a championship racer himself, said, “In an age where there are so many brands available for everything from brake pads to bodywork, Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers stand alone as the dominant warmer of choice. We’re truly proud that Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers are used by so many pro racers, top teams, club-racing participants and track-day riders.”

As America’s fastest roadracers have proven, Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers, which are designed and manufactured in New York, allow serious grip from the drop of the green flag and are built in close coordination with tire engineers. They’re constructed from the finest U.S.-sourced materials, are easy to mount, simple to remove and efficiently bring today’s high-tech rubber up to optimum temperature and hot pressure for immediate traction.

These highly effective, affordable tire warmers and related products are available through thousands of Parts Unlimited dealers and direct from Chicken Hawk Racing. For more information on how to lead the pack with Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers and related products, log on to or call 866-HOT-TIRE for more information. Additional company-related news can be found in its Facebook and Twitter postings.