2011 Kawasaki Z1000 Quick Look: High-Performance Motorcycle

2011 Kawasaki Motorcycle

Naked is always eye-catching, and the Kawasaki Z1000 is here to grab your attention with angular styling, distinctive mufflers, and distracting color (in the green version), not to mention startling performance.

Tuned for torque, the oversquare inline-four is never at a loss for power, regardless of which of six gears is selected.

A horizontal rear shock is isolated from exhaust heat and weight-centralized on the bike, while its 41mm inverted forks are fully adjustable and flex-proof.

Radially mounted calipers grab 300mm petal discs in the front for sure braking.The motor is both solidly and rubber-mounted for a careful mix of comfort and control.

2011 Kawasaki Z1000 Quick Stats

  • ENGINE TYPE: DOHC inline-4
  • BORE x STROKE: 77mm x 56mm
  • COMP. RATIO: 11.8:1
  • TRANSMISSION: 6-speed
  • WHEELBASE: 56.7 inches
  • RAKE: 24.5 degrees
  • CURB WEIGHT: 481 pounds
  • PRICE: $10,599

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