Slant Artist Motorcycle Art: Sturgis Success

2011 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

“Slant Artist – An Eccentric View on Motorcycles and Art,” the 2011 Michael Lichter Motorcycles as Art exhibit at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip, featuring avant-garde artist, Jeff Decker, was a raging success and is being hailed as one of the best exhibits to date.

Michael Lichter (Motorcycles as Art Curator) says: “This was, one of the best Motorcycles as Art exhibits we have done at The Chip, great art, great bikes, all with an eccentric view. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

The exhibition, located at the Buffalo Chip, featured the largest collection of Decker’s work ever in one place, including the first public viewing of Decker’s astounding collection of vintage motorcycle club vests, jackets and vintage motorcycles.

The exhibit featured over ten of Decker’s beautiful bronze sculptures, created using a method called “lost wax” bronze casting. The exhibit also featured an eclectic assortment of wall art culled from Decker’s private collection and that of his personal friends. Decker was present at the exhibit sculpting a new piece of art and giving tours of the gallery to enthralled visitors.

Touring the Lichter Exhibit Hall at the Chip was much like taking a 7,000 sq. ft. tour of the last 100 years of motorcycling history with Decker as the historian. He spent much of each day taking fascinated visitors through the museum space answering questions on various bikes, pieces of art, items of memorabilia and tokens of historical significance.

The Motorcycles as Art Exhibition has been held at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground for the last three years. The Buffalo Chip built the Lichter Exhibition Hall to showcase the Motorcycles as Art exhibition. The Buffalo Chip and owner Rod Woodruff have historically been a huge supporter of motorcycle-centric art, and Michael Lichter’s art specifically, since the beginning of his career.

Rod Woodruff says: “We had more people come to The Chip to go through the Motorcycles as Art exhibit than ever before, it was a success on many levels due to the hard work put in by everyone, but especially Mike Lichter and Jeff Decker.”

The title of the show, “Slant Artist,” was named after the incredible motorcycle racers who climb steep inclines against the clock and each other, such bikers have impressed and inspired Decker as an artist.

Decker called the showcase “the pinnacle of my career, where I’ve come so far in my life as an artist, a sculptor, a collector and a historian. What’s neat about coming to this community is, mostly it’s about later models and high performing motorcycles. Hopefully, I can give them a sense of where we’ve come from over the last century. That would be my biggest hope, that mild enthusiasts would turn into more passionate riders, because of what we’ve offered at the Buffalo Chip.”

Sponsors of the Slant Artist exhibition included Custom Chrome, Renewable Fuel Associations, Handy Lifts, Hot Leathers,, Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping, Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, and Spectro Performance Oils.

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