CIMA Motor 2011: China & Asia’s Largest Motorcycle Fair

2011 China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition

With almost 100 million active motorcyclists, China makes a strong case as the world’s number one market.

The 10th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition, better known as CIMA Motor 2011, is the largest motorcycle exhibition in Asia. It will take place October 13-16 in Chongqing.

Chongqing is one of China’s major cities, one of the top four municipalities in the country, after Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjing.

With a metropolitan population of approximately 35 million people, Chongqing is situated inland, on the Yangtze River. Renowned for its high-tech industrial district and its universities, the city is about 2 hours southwest by connecting flight from Shanghai’s ultra-modern Pudong airport.

A blend of ultra-modern metropolitan development and rich history, the region’s climate and topography has certain similarities to Southern California. It is also the hub for motorcycle manufacturing in China, hosting headquarters and factories of top firms.

CIMA Motor has been held annually since 2002. Says CIMA Director Wei Wang, “It has become the world’s largest event focused on commuter motorcycles, and one of the most significant in the motorcycle industry worldwide.”

In 2010, CIMA Motor’s exhibition area covered 60,000 square meters, encompassing multiple buildings and outdoor spaces within Chongqing’s premier trade show facility in the high-tech industrial district.

CIMAMotor Key facts:

  • 386 exhibitors in attendance
  • 362 domestic companies, representing 90% of the production capacity of the Chinese motorcycle industry
  • 24 foreign companies, including Honda, Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, Peugeot, Piaggio, Kawasaki, Benelli and PEM
  • Approximately 1,000 vehicles on display
  • Over 100 new models were launched at the event
  • CIMAMotor 2010 attracted more than 70,120 visitors; including 21,736 from the motorcycle trades

CIMAMotor 2011 also featured a wide scope of discussion panels, symposiums and riding activities. These included:

  • Events organized and sponsored by Harley-Davidson, Honda, Continental Automotive and IDIADA Automotive Technology S.A.
  • The 2010 Chongqing International Motorcycle Riding Activity program attracted the participation of 17 leading motorcycle clubs, including HOG (Harley Owners Group) China; BMW Motorrad Club China, among others
  • Domestic and international media participation: nearly 300 accredited media professionals on-site (including Ultimate MotorCycling)
  • Show news and information distributed globally to 1000 media outlets

Ultimate MotorCycling’s report on CIMAMotor 2010, entitled “China: The Great Leap Forward” was published in the April 2011 print edition, and can be read here.

CIMA Director Wei Wang gives further detail: “China’s motorcycle output accounts for over 50% of total global production, making it the leader in production and sales volume. It has maintained this position for seventeen consecutive years. China has also been the world’s number one exporter of motorcycles for the last ten years.”

Chinese motorcyclists ride on a daily basis: almost one hundred percent of the country’s 100 million motorcycles, scooters and tricycles are used for commuting and commercial transportation.

Its exports, which include motorcycles, scooters, tricycles, recreational and ‘side-by-side’ ATVs, are generally sold and shipped to emerging markets and developing nations. “Chinese products’ robust construction and attractive price are key factors,” notes Wang.

Mr. Wang adds: “The dynamics of the market position, and the rapid rise of the Chinese motorcycle industry are showcased at CIMAMotor. This show is China’s number one domestic and international platform. Its unmatched scope of brands, vehicles, technology, electronics and accessories, as well as business opportunities, make CIMAMotor is the destination of choice for manufacturers and buyers.


“The new wealth in China, and the growing strength of the upscale motorcycle culture, open new windows for foreign luxury motorcycle manufacturers. Being the annual celebration for Chinese motorcycling enthusiasts, a presence at CIMAMotor is key to successful market entry.

“CIMAMotor is the first stop, and ‘one-stop’ for anyone who wants to discover and engage with motorcycling in China. The past three decades have seen exponential progress in an industry that is poised to raise its game to the next level. The opportunities and challenges are unique, and the potential rewards for business partners, considerable.

“As CIMAMotor wishes to help turn those challenges and opportunities into success, we welcome international visitors as our honored guests.”

As it was last year, Ultimate MotorCycling will be on-site in Chongqing for CIMAMotor 2011. You can follow all the pre-event news, event news and updates on the UMC website, as well as the UMC Twitter feed and UMC Facebook page.

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