Pro Yamaha Identities Leading Dealers

Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., has launched a new online resource to help customers identify leading motorsports dealers who have been trained and recognized by Yamaha as product experts in sales, service, parts and accessories.

This new section of Yamaha's website helps explain the Pro Yamaha dealer excellence program to motorsports customers and contains valuable information for anyone shopping for a motorsports product.

Internationally known motorsports broadcaster Dave Despain introduces the website in a video stating: "When you're putting down your hard earned cash, you want a dealership that gets it. Gets you. Someone that understands your machine inside and out."

"That's why the Pro Yamaha dealer excellence program was created," Despain continues. He says Pro Yamaha dealers provide "The best products, the best service, the best all around ownership experience."

The new website delivers the Pro Yamaha Mission; outlines the High Standards that customers can expect from a Pro Yamaha dealer; defines what a Pro Yamaha Specialist is in the categories of Star, Sport and Outdoors; and offers Customer Testimonials so site visitors can hear directly from other enthusiasts.

Mike Nolan (Yamaha National Dealer Network Manager) says: "Pro Yamaha identifies and supports the best motorsports dealers, and this new website will help customers find these dealers.

"This program is really about providing the best possible customer experience, and we're seeing this happen more and more on Yamaha showroom floors and in service departments across the country as the program expands."

Whether shopping for an ATV, motorcycle, generator or other motorsports product, customers can check out all of the new information and videos online.

Customers should also look for the Pro Yamaha badge next to participating dealers listed on Yamaha's online dealer locator.


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