Knox: Handroid POD Motorcycle Glove

Motorcycle Gloves

Designed to offer the urban motorcycle rider the same level of protection as the acclaimed Handroid motorcycle gloves, the POD is the latest innovation from the Knox Hand Armour collection.

Featuring three patented elements, (live exoskeleton, SPS scaphoid protection system and Boa lacing), POD is the first ever short cuff motorcycle glove to use Boa closure system, so that it is totally secure. An added benefit is that it will fit comfortably under most jacket sleeves.

Like the Handroid full-race motorcycle glove, the Pod’s live exoskeleton covers the fingers and thumbs, allowing unrestricted movement and linking to the gel-lined metapod, that covers the metacarpals and provides added protection for the back of the hand.

On the palm the patented Sport SPS protects the scaphoid bone, which connects thumb and wrist, while flexible tear-resistant Kangaroo leather covers the inside palm and fingers of the Knox gloves.

Unique to the POD glove is a short cuff, made from neoprene, which is more comfortable and gives a closer fit than leather. The glove’s cuff gives a multi adjustable fit that can be dialled in using a new lower profile Boa dial. Quick and simple to operate with a gloved hand, the Boa dial is located on the side of the cuff (on the Handroid it sits centrally) for a better fit under the sleeve of motorcycle jackets.

The Knox POD motorcycle gloves are available in sizes XS-XXL, for more information on POD and Hand Armour; For further information contact Knox on (44) +1900 825825 email or visit

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