Motorcycle Photography Via iPhone (Tips)

Motorcycle Travel Pics

Clay Enos knows photography. The self-described “high-tech hobo” is famous for his portraits of celebrity musicians Kid Rock, Dave Matthews, Avril Lavigne, 50 Cent and the films The Watchmen and Sucker Punch.

But last year, Enos took a break from lime-light photography and went on a 17,000-mile journey in 18 months aboard an Aprilia Mana GT 850. Enos headed west, exploring “America’s national parks, vast deserts and everywhere in between.”

But although the photographer/organic coffee roaster brought along his Nikon SLR camera, he left the top camera gear packed away on the Aprilia Mana, and shot the trip with his iPhone. The attached pics from his motorcycle trip speak for themselves, and can be done by anyone who has an iPhone.

iPhone motorcycle photography is quickly becoming an art in itself, allowing motorcyclists to enjoy more of the trip rather than pulling out the expensive camera every five seconds.

Here are some iPhone photography tips from Enos (thanks to Michael Fiduk at Piaggio):

• Composition is key. Remember to use the whole frame, not just the middle

• Explore the scene (take lots of photos then choose the best later)

• Have a vision of the final image but allow for spontaneity

• Keep your apps simple and try not to do what everyone else is doing

• Share them with the world and print some. Photos make great gifts

• On the road, do your best to get off the interstates, slow down, and listen to your gut and embrace the u-turn

If you have any great pics of your machines via iPhone, upload them to’s Facebook page. Please share your location!