Isle of Man TT Red Flag Addressed

2011 Isle of Man TT

Besides the consistent rain, which continues to delay Friday’s Senior TT race, the other big issue at the 2011 Isle of Man TT is the red-flag incident during the Monster Energy Supersport Race 2 event (also rescheduled from Wednesday to Thursday due to rain).

During the Supersport 2 IOMTT race, which was ultimately won by East Coast Construction Honda’s Gary Johnson, a red flag was waved at Union Mills on the third lap, which slowed the progress of many riders.

Some IOMTT riders/teams, such as the Relentless Suzuki outfit and Guy Martin, reported that the red flag had upset the rhythm of the race, and were awaiting a reply from the Auto Cycle Union.

Here’s what the ACU had to say about the IOMTT red flag:

"During the Monster Energy Supersport 2 Race a red flag was briefly waved in error at Ramsey Hairpin. Bill Callister, David Madsen-Mygdal, Dave Hewson, Scott Wilson and Daniel Cooper stopped at that point, as required to do under the IOMTT regulations.

"The red flag was reported by Manx Radio’s TT commentary service and the flag marshal at Union Mills, believing that the race had been red flagged, initially raised his own before promptly withdrawing it again. This flag was seen by Keith Amor, Cameron Donald and Guy Martin, who all slowed down before proceeding again at race speed.

"In the opinion of Race Control the podium places were not in any way affected by this incident and the riders who stopped at Ramsey were given estimated times to compensate."