MotoGP & Hertz Extend Partnership

2011 MotoGP

In 2010, rental company Hertz signed a year-deal with MotoGP rights holder Dorna Sports to provide a range of services.

On Thursday, MotoGP announced that the two had signed a year extension; Hertz will provide a range of services throughout the 2011 MotoGP Championship.

Hertz will provide cars, as well as the services of the Hertz Equipment Rental company Hertz Energy Services (HES), which provides portable power and temperature control solutions for sports events, concerts, festivals and industries. HES will supply generators to be used in the MotoGP Paddock and climate equipment and systems for the VIP Village.

MotoGP says: “Underlining their status as an international events service provider on a global scale, Hertz will facilitate the smooth operation of each round of the FIM World Championship through the provision of the aforementioned vital services. For Hertz, MotoGP is the perfect platform to demonstrate the range and reliability of their services and Dorna will also benefit greatly from the partnership with Hertz by being able to depend on a trusted global service provider.”

Pau Serracanta (Managing Director of Dorna Sports) says: “We are very happy to be working together with Hertz for a second year. This new agreement, which originally began in 2010, is a clear result of a great working harmony between both parties. It also demonstrates that we are working with a clear vision of the future in which the alliance between Dorna and Hertz can last for many years.”

Olivier Lecoq (Vice President Marketing of Hertz Europe) says: “We have extended this agreement with Dorna for a further year as MotoGP provides a platform which is helping us to be one of the best known brands, and the understanding between the two parties has been very positive. To be tied to a brand as strong as MotoGP, during a time in which the world’s economic situation is complicated by the financial crisis, is a guarantee and we look forward to continuing to work together for a long time.”


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