2011 BMW Motorcycle Sales: Up 11.4%

BMW Motorcycles Q1 Report

BMW released their Q1 sales statement Wednesday, reporting a 11.4-percent rise in sales over the same period last period.

In total, 25,049 BMW and Husqvarna brand motorcycles were sold during the first three months of 2011; 23,109 BMW brand (+ 10.9%) and 1,940 Husqvarna brand motorcycles (+ 18.4%).

As for the breakdown of countries, 17,260 motorcycles were sold to customers in Europe, 6.5% up overall on the previous year, whereby unit sales developed very differently from one country to the next.

In Germany, 4,395 BMW motorcycles were sold, which is up 36.8 percent while other motorcycle manafucturers reported a decrease in sales there.

BMW says motorcycle sales were down on the previous year for Spain (1,439 units; – 8.3 percent), Great Britain (1,643 units; – 34.3 percent), Italy (4,432 units; – 4.9 percent) and France (1,913 units; – 7.4 percent). . The catastrophe in Japan resulted in the first-quarter sales volume dropping by 16.6 percent to 443 units.

This decline also followed in the USA, where sales of BMW motorcycles fell 4.8 percent to 2,319 units.

This volume increase of BMW motorcycle sales resulted in the Bavarian company having a 13.1 percent increase in revenue (Euro 397 Million); this includes the result of the Husqvarna sub-group for the first time.

BMW also reported manufacturing 35,601 motorcycles during the first quarter of 2011, 10.8 percent more than the same quarter in 2010. BMW says 2,484 motorcycles (+ 7.5 percent) rolled off production lines in Berlin. Following the production start of a new model generation at Husqvarna, the number of Husqvarna brand motorcycles produced was increased to 3,117 units (+ 62.4 percent).