Chicken Hawk: Aluminized Fuel Can Cover

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Gasoline is volatile. Heat is the enemy. Chicken Hawk Racing’s Cool Fuel Aluminized Fuel Can Cover keeps gas cool.

When stored, gasoline decomposes as the compounds that help produce horsepower evaporate, decreasing octane ratings. Sitting in the sun or in hot climates, this process accelerates. Cool fuel is denser, produces more power and cooler-running engines; which is why most pro race teams chill fuel prior to pouring it into their bikes’ gas tanks.

Keeping your machine’s fuel cool is now easy with another innovative product from Chicken Hawk Racing, the Cool Fuel Aluminized Fuel Can Cover.

Constructed from a tough-yet-lightweight aluminized Kevlar exterior and lined with felted acrylic insulation, this high-tech Fuel Can Cover is built to fit readily available round- and square-style 5-gallon race jugs and comes with built-in pockets for gel packs that provide even more cooling. In addition to shielding fuel from excessive heat and gas-sizzling UV rays, the cover extends fuel-jug life by preventing sun damage.

Professionally proven by top-level AMA Pro roadracing teams for 16 years, Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers and other products are currently used by most many top-level roadracers and race teams in America.

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Cool Fuel Aluminized Fuel Can Cover:
Retail Price: $125

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