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Cruisers have always represented passion, freedom and style. With that in mind, LeoVince is launching the Blackjack product line, a new 2-into-1 exhaust system for metric cruisers in the U.S. market. These exhausts have arrived and are currently available for many models of metric cruisers.

As part of LeoVince’s Silvertail exhaust line, the hot new 2-into-1 Blackjack exhaust is a beautiful addition to the LeoVince brand of products. Known for having the highest-quality chroming process in the market and for building systems that have both performance and a throaty exhaust tone to match LeoVince Silvertail has been a leader in this sector in Europe for many years, building both metric cruiser and Harley-Davidson exhaust systems.

The new LeoVince Blackjack line was created specifically for the American market and has a MSRP of $599.00. This exhaust features the highest-quality chrome finish, a hand-made precision fit, a deep power filled exhaust note and substantial horsepower gains.

The 2-into-1 design features a stainless steel header and chrome-plated heat shields. This design creates incredible durability and an unmistakable presence on the bike.

Additional features of the LeoVince Blackjack exhaust include:

  • LeoVince No-Blue Technology
  • Substantial weight savings over stock
  • Increased horsepower across the entire RPM range
  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  • Slash-cut exhaust tip
  • A removable dB killer insert for shortened sound wave
  • Packed silencer for deeper tone and higher performance

With the new Blackjack exhaust, LeoVince Silvertail has returned to the U.S. cruiser market with a roar! To become a LeoVince Forza (Power) dealer, order your exhaust or for more information about the new LeoVince Blackjack exhaust, email sales@leovinceusa.com or visit leovinceusa.com.


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