Japan Earthquake: Polaris Donates $100K

2011 Japanese Quake

Polaris, which manufactures ATVs, snowmobiles and the Victory motorcycle brand, donated $100,000 to the American Red Cross this week in order to support relief efforts in Japan.

Scott Wine (CEO, Polaris Industries) says: “On behalf of everyone at Polaris, our heartfelt thoughts and sincerest well-wishes go out to the people of Japan.

“Our Japanese partners and friends have supported Polaris for more than 40 years. It’s our hope that this donation can not only help the people of Japan in their recovery, but also honor those who have been so important to Polaris over the years.”

Wine says the foundation for the strong, ongoing business relationships shared between Polaris and Japan dates back to the late 1960s.

Polaris helps as the country continues its relief efforts, attempting to recover from March 11’s 9.0 magnitude earthquake, which subsequently triggered a tsunami in the Northeastern region of the country north of Tokyo.

As of Thursday, the death toll is more than 11,000 and there are over 16,000 people missing. There is also fear of a nuclear power-plant meltdown due to the quake.

The 2011 Japan Earthquake is considered the deadliest natural disaster since the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake, which claimed the lives of more than 142,000 people.

Many others across the motorcycle industry have also assisted, including Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle Industry Council, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America.


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