Rising Sun Cycles: GPS Lap Timer

Motorcycle Lap Timer

The latest development in easy-to-use GPS lap timing, the Qstarz BT-Q1000eX, is now available exclusively from Rising Sun Cycles.

The Q1000eX GPS lap timer provides riders with a simple means to ride and log, import and analyze, and simulate and compare lap times. Smaller than a cell phone, this stand-alone timer needs no accessories or transmitter.

It uses GPS technology to log race or practice laps that can later be uploaded to a PC. The included QRacing Lap Timing Analysis software is a tool that can be used for all types of racing data: Motorcycle Road Racing, Off Road Racing, Dirt Track, Drag Racing & Rally Racing.

With the Q1000eX, a rider can identify the best single lap and compare up to three laps of data on a graphic chart in a real-time simulation view. Laps can be overlaid for comparison, and the Q1000eX records variations in G forces, identifying the characteristics of a rider’s braking, cornering and accelerating.

With the newest version of Qstarz software, a rider can also synchronize digital, camera video with the Qstarz GPS track data, for a combined view of a lap with matched, real-time data. (Software updates are available online for current Qstarz users).

Suggested retail price for the Q1000eX is only $170. For more information, contact Rising Sun Cycles, 18 Pocasset Street, Fall River, MA 02724 (508) 837-6115 or (860) 916-3696; rscycles.com; steve@rscycles.com.


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