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Harley-Davidson has 108 years of rich history, and with that time naturally arrives a collection of specaturlor items.

And for the summer of 2011, the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wis., will exhibit some of the truly unique items, from "secret prototypes and fantastic folk-art creations to ‘what were they thinking?’ contraptions."

The exhibit, titled Collection X: Weird Wild Winders of the Harley-Davidson Museum, will run at from June 11 through Aug. 21. Visitors will see "one-of-a-kind vehicles, clothing, artwork, photos, and some of the rarest and weirdest of collectibles."

Bill Davidson (Vice President of Harley-Davidson Museum) says: "This summer we’re giving our visitors the opportunity to see some of the most unique items in our archives.

"Many of these treasures have never been on display before, and everyone who visits will enjoy seeing the wild and interesting items we have collected over the past century."

Harley representatives say Collection X: Weird Wild Wonders of the Harley-Davidson Museum will stir the public’s growing curiosity and fascination with old and interesting antiques and collectibles. More and more people across America are watching collectors on television find distinctive treasures in old barns, garages and at estate sales.

This summer, all who visit the Museum will get to see firsthand an impressive collection located right here in Milwaukee. Visitors will be able to take a closer look at what the Motor Company has stored away, including many items that show just how far some people will go to profess their appreciation for all things Harley-Davidson.

Additional details about the exhibit and related special events will be made available in the months leading up to the opening.

About the Harley-Davidson Museum
The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a reflection of American history and pop culture like you’ve never seen it before – through the lens of a true American icon and brand. Inspiring to riders and non-riders alike, the Museum offers a one-of-a-kind experience through dynamic exhibits, rare artifacts and an unparalleled collection of the legendary stories of America’s last century. The 130,000 square-foot Museum complex opened to the public in July 2008 and has been thrilling visitors ever since.

The Harley-Davidson Museum is located at 400 West Canal Street and is open year-round. For more information on the Museum’s galleries, exhibits, special events, tickets, hours, and more, visit h-dmuseum.com.


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