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We’ve all been there. You go to unload your motocross bike, looking forward to a great day of riding with your buddies, only to see your fork seals have blown and are leaking all over the front of your motorcycle.

Fortunately, with the new Fork Saver from Moose Racing this problem can be drastically reduced.

Fully adjustable to fit with both full size and mini bikes, the fork saver will increase the fork seal and fork spring life. It is easily installed prior to transporting your bike and with a price tag of less than $20, it’s a must have.

Moose Racing Fork Saver

  • Increase Fork Seal & Fork Spring Life
  • Adjust to 4 different lengths to fit minis and full size bikes
  • Unique arch design to hook the knobby while rubber top grips the fender
  • bolts, keeping it in place while transporting
  • Retail Price: $19.95
  • Part Number: 3850-0129

The Fork Save is now available from your local Parts Unlimited dealer. To find a dealer near you or to check out other new products from Moose Racing, please visit


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