2012 Honda Gold Wing | Intro Scenes

Honda Goldwing

When the Honda announced the released information and images of the 2012 Gold Wing, the touring market immediately demanded more.

It didn’t take long for YouTube videos to surface, such as this one, showing many different photos of the 2012 Honda Gold Wing. The video also explains all the new features on that will be offered on the granddaddy of all motorcycle touring machines.

The 2012 Honda Gold Wing will feature many upgrades, including an updated GPS navigation system with user-friendly program-ability for sharing favorite ride routes with friends and other riders, which can be accessed online.

Regarding rider/passenger comfort, the suspension has been updated for comfort but with enhanced sporty capabilities. The motor and drivetrain have been refined, and the 2012 Goldwing has extra luggage space, and greater protection from wind and weather.

Additional packages are available for the 2012 Honda Gold Wing, including Navi, ABS and airbag options.

Following are a few 2012 Goldwing highlights:

  • Fresh styling cues produce a more integrated appearance along with a sporting edge, adding to the premium touring visage.
  • Redesigned fairing adds extra wind protection, especially to the lower body and leg areas.
  • Larger saddlebags add approximately 7 liters of additional storage space, upping total capacity to well over 150 liters including the trunk and fairing pockets.
  • Handy central storage pocket added to models without airbag.
  • Revised suspension settings front and rear yield added compliance for a better ride and more comfort.
  • Urethane seat material and cover material give added comfort.
  • Re-shaped taillight adds a distinctive appearance and aids visibility.
  • Wheels are now clear-coated for easier cleaning and a great, long-lasting look.
  • Updated instrumentation styling lends a high-performance touch.


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