Exposed: German Triumph Rocket III RS

Rocket RS Video

Here’s a special treat for Triumph lovers. The Palatina Triumph dealer in Landau, Germany, has once again taken a signature model, the Rocket III, and customized it.

Once they completed their latest Rocket III "RS," the German dealer created a YouTube video, which was uploaded to Triumph’s official YT Channel.

At one glance, the customized RS registers muscle at its finest. The "RS" moniker is typically used for fast German cars, but was properly used on this special Triumph motorcycle project.

The Triumph Rocket III RS is based on the Roadster, which is truly a unique brute of a motorcycle with massive presence and oversized powerplant.

With its 2,294cc inline three-cylinder engine, the Rocket III Roadster is home to the world’s largest production motorcycle engine. Delivering a 221Nm wallop of torque at just 2750rpm, the Rocket III Roadster delivers a riding experience unmatched by anything else on two wheels.

Although featured in the company’s Cruiser range, the Rocket III Roadster transcends genres. With its mid-mounted pegs and relatively upright riding position, the Roadster takes on a power cruiser stance and delivers an attitude-laden ride that every motorcyclist should experience at least once in their motorcycle riding career.

The Palatina Germany Triumph dealer has also created other customs Rocket IIIs, such as the "Gulf" machine, which is painted in vintage Gulf colors, the "Slippery Sam," and the "Just Black."