Italian Motorcycles: Umberto Borile & Co.

Italian Motorcycles

From the great passion and deep expertise of Umberto Borile and associations with the Bassi family, the motorcycle company Umberto Borile & Co s.r.l. was born near the end of 2010.

The new business in Vo (near Venic, Italy) was started by its president Umberto Borile and delegate administrator Alberto Bassi.

The year 2011 will be rich of news for the bikes created by the Umberto Borile & Co srl. Programs prophesy the production of a new B500CR, a road scrambler, and the B350EN, an endure model into the most classic of the old-style shape.

Furthermore, two other unique motorcycles will be produced: an innovative Multiuso (multi-purpose) and a gorgeous art-series B500Ricki, which will be available in only 20 paint patterns.

All of these creations will follow Borile’s traditional ways and the continuous pursuit of style, elegance and perfection worthy of a product made completely by hands. The machines will be an expression of what it means to be MADE IN ITALY. The realization of this novelty is foreseen for June 2011, and the first sales will be ready September 2011.

In the meanwhile, Borile announces it participation at the Gulf Bike Week in Dubai in February 2011.

Umberto Borile & Co s.r.l New Model Details

The multiuso is a small ,light, agile and flexible motorcycle, fully designed from aluminum. It weighs only 80 kg, and will be for all who love a city bike.

The multiuso’s engine is a 4-stroke monocylinder, two-valves with five-march gear, electric-starter with pedal. The motor is 198.99 cc with Mikuni’s carburetor (diam. 26) and a multi-disc, wet clutch.

The B500Ricki is a exclusive scrambler, entirely made by Umberto Borile hands. It will be offered in only 20 patterns in memory of the 20-year-old son Riccardo, who departed this world prematurely in 2009.

Borile was founded in 1988 by Umberto Borile in Venezia, Italy. The company’s first motorcycle was a Piuma 520, which was built by hand like all of their other machines. The company bascially builds vintage machines with modern technology.