American Chopper: OCC Foreclosure?

OCC News

Another sort of drama is building at Orange County Choppers (OCC), but it has nothing to do with the family feud shown on Discovery Channel’s famed reality show, American Chopper: Senior Vs Junior.

Local New York news has reported that OCC, owned by Paul Teutul Sr., is facing foreclosure. But it has nothing to do with drama displayed in American Chopper between senior and Paul Teutul Jr., owner of Paul Jr. Designs.

Reports say OCC had allegedly missed several mortgage payments, one for $96,400 and another for $14,000.

Paul Sr. reportedly didn’t make the payments due to the terms of the loan, not because lack of money. OCC claims the building is worth much less (millions) than it was in 2007, and Paul Sr. wants the payments lowered.

As of Monday, neither the bank nor Paul Sr. has given statements.

As for the Junior Vs Senior aspect, the father and son were involved in a six-season run of American Chopper on the Discovery Channel, but due to a vendetta that also involves a lawsuit between the father and son, Junior left the show.

But the duo returned last year for Senior Vs. Junior on TLC, a reality-show that exploits the two and their challenges while running separate businesses.