Grip Ace: Digital Motorcycle Switch Kits

Motorcycle Switch Kit

Radical digital motorcycle switch system allows riders to control all motorcycle switch functions with only a slight movement of the fingers and clean handlebars.

Whenever people told Grip Ace inventor and bike enthusiast Timothy Ledford that something couldn’t be done, he went out and did it himself.

We live in a world going digital, so Ledford thought why not make the switches for motorcycles digital? He started thinking about what he could do to change the way motorcycle switches are used. Of all the incredible improvements in motorcycle design and performance over the last four decades there has been no significant changes made to the switch systems on motorcycles.

The Grip Ace system will work on all motorcycles, including motorcycle stuntman Jason Britton’s Kawsaki ZX-6R. It even allows handicapped riders that may be missing a hand or arm, to control all the necessary switching functions to ride safely and obtain their motorcycle riders license.

Regardless of hand size, you can position the switches so they are attainable for the owner of the motorcycle.

The Grip Ace system can be made to work with or without the stock switches, imagine that? Harley Davison did a beautiful job with throttle by wire while Grip Ace has completed the "Ride by Wire" system for all motorcycles.

Custom motorcycles builders have embraced the Grip Ace because now they can removes all excess wires and switches from the handlebars, allowing for the ultra cool streamlined look and remain legal. Riders are also saving a fortune in labor when wiring their handlebars.

The switch pad can be custom fitted to most billet and some rubber grips or even in the handlebars. Grip manufacturers are starting to add the Grip Ace system to their own line of hand grips. How about an internal throttle and internal clutch with switches in the handlebars? It’s now possible and feasible.

The multi patented Grip Ace digital switch system adds self canceling turn signals and hazards lights to motorcycles not equipped with such functions.

The riding safety for many riders will be increased because the rider maintains positive control of the motorcycle while activating the starter, turn signals, horn and hi/lo beams switches.

In addition to these standard functions, the system can be programmed to control accessories like air ride systems, L.E.D lights, ETC. Ideal for the tech minded, button pushing generation.

The Grip Ace digital switch system retails for $369.00

For more details please visit GRIP ACE website and get your incredible system today. Grip Ace Industries LLC, Suite 200, 8200 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 USA.