IASUS Concepts GP3 Motorcycle Headset

Throat Vibrations

Communications company IASUS Concepts is launching a new mobile phone series of the popular GP3 Motorcycle Communications Headset developed specifically for the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Google Android, HTC, and other mobile devices.

Until now compatible with only two-way radios, the GP3 Headset combines a superior helmet audio system with IASUS Noise Terminator technology, making it one of the effective motorcycle-specific mobile communications solution available.

Wind turbulence and engine noise overwhelm conventional communications systems, including "noise cancelling" Bluetooth units, which typically lose performance at high speeds. The IASUS GP3 Motorcycle Headset, however, is the only effective solution for communication in these extreme acoustic conditions because it uses a unique transponder technology originally developed for military pilots in WWI.

Instead of using air as a medium of conduction, the IASUS Gen 3.0 transponder rests on the throat, absorbing only the vibrations generated from within the user’s neck. In doing so, the only sound transmitted is the voice signals that come directly from the user, thereby eliminating wind and engine noise.

Every detail of the GP3 Headset package represents rider-conscious engineering. The comfortable throat strap expands and contracts to accommodate the rider’s movements and fastens by a unique magnetic breakaway clasp.

In addition, the GP3 is paired with high fidelity, ultra-slim IASUS XSound J or XSound 2 Helmet Speakers, which are optimized ergonomically and acoustically for full faced motorcycle helmets.

Also included is the IASUS in-glove Finger PTT (push-to-talk) module. This small PTT switch fits inside the street bike rider’s glove to facilitate direct answer/end call control and is compatible with the voice activation features of some mobile devices.

The Finger PTT, like other features of the GP3, was designed as a motorcycle solution with the high-speed lifestyle of street bike riders in mind.

GP3 Motorcycle Headset requires little installation, no charging, and is compatible with all mobile communications devices that have 2.5mm or 3.5mm jacks, including iPhone, BlackBerry, and Nokia models.

The MRSP is 99.00 USD for the GP3 and 119.00 USD for the GP3-XS2. Both are available through IASUS authorized resellers and come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

IASUS Concepts is currently welcoming reseller and distributor inquiries. For more information, visit www.iasus-concepts.com.