2011 Lehman Trikes CrossBow SS Preview

2011 Lehman Trikes

Lehman Trikes released info on their newest model in the Signature Series line up, the CrossBow SS.

The CrossBow SS combines American V-Twin character with its 106 Victory motor, and a "next generation approach to style and design."

The CrossBow SS features a powerful cobalt blue and white muscle-car inspired custom paint scheme, standard reverse, and John Lehman signature billet wheels. All Lehman Signature Series trikes are limited edition and feature custom paint, wheels and reverse.

The Cross Bow SS also features many of the latest upgrades in the trike industry, incluing a retained linked braking system (ABS is disabled), and a new transmission with 66-percent less drive train lash and helical-cut gears to provide consistent operating sound.

The Lehman trike also features a louder, more aggressive street-legal exhaust

Lehman Trikes CrossBow SS Specs:

Wheel Base: 65.7 in. (1669 mm)
Overall Length: 109 in. (2769 mm)
Overall Width: 55 in. (1397 mm)
Curb Weight: 1187 lbs. (538 kg)
Trunk Volume: 5.0 cu. ft. (142 L)

For additional information, contact Lehman Trikes at lehmantrikes.com or 888-3WHEELS.


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