White-Collar Motorcyclists Study

Motorcyclist Psyche

A recent survey carried out by the University of Strathclyde in cooperation with motorcycle accessories manufacturer Scottoiler analyzed the stereotype of motorcyclists amongst white-collar workers. In total over a hundred bikers from the US, UK and Germany took part in the survey.

Motorcyclists have been a target of stereotypes since the iconic movie featureing Peter Fonda, "Easy Rider," and are often portrayed in modern media as fierce freedom seekers, and drop outs of modern society.

According to this popular image, "bikers" are wearing leathers and listen to rock music, like their bikes fast and their women loose. However studies show a strong increase in the number of white-collar bikers that are now looking for the thrill and the lost adventure in their lives.

The adventure they missed out on in their twenties when they were too focused on studying and developing careers.

White-collar workers from the US, UK and Germany were confronted with the traditional stereotype and asked to decide on their preference between motorcycles and a number of alternatives such as babies, puppies or Christmas with the family.

The results show that even among the white-collar bikers, the old stereotypes remain strong with the majority of male participants preferring women to biking (66%).

In all other cases the overwhelming majority of bikers preferred biking to any other alternative. Only 29% of the participants would rather spend Christmas with the family than being on a bike. Runner ups are a cosy night in front of a fireplace or a romantic sunset (both 25%).

Matthias Ennen (Customer Relations, Scottoiler) says: "I was really surprised by the results. Especially because motorbikes are a hobby for most of the participants I would have expected different priorities.

"Also the average age is 48 which suggests that most participants would have kids themselves and would value family related activities higher."