Street Bike Tire Break-In Period

Motorcycle Tires

Replacements for worn streetbike tires that are patterned or constructed differently will not react the same as your old skins. When new motorcycle tires are fitted, they should be ridden cautiously and not be subjected to maximum power, braking, abrupt lean-over or hard cornering.

Motorcyclists should consciously allow for a reasonable run-in period of approximately 100 miles before increasing confidence in the new tires.

Not only will this allow the new tire to be scrubbed-in but it will permit the motorcycle rider time to become accustomed to the feel of the new motorcycle tires or tire combination.

After the 100-mile break-in period, gradually start to find the edge, and achieve optimum road grip at a range of speeds, acceleration and handling use.

It is important to check and adjust inflation pressure to the manufactures recommended levels after tire cools for at least three (3) hours following run-in.

Remember, motorcycle new tires will have a very different contact patch and lean-over edge.

New tires, mixing a new tire with a worn older tire, and mixing different pattern / model combination requires careful ride evaluation. In general, it is best to replace both motorcycle tires with a matching set and at the same time.


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