2011 Cagiva Raptor 125 | Preview

2011 Raptor 125

The 2011 Cagiva Raptor 125 sportbike is another one of those sleek, street legal motorcycles available to the European youth market (no wonder Spain has produce all three 2010 MotoGP Champions).

The Raptor has the polished craftsmanship and attention to detail we’ve come to expect from Cagiva in their larger displacement bikess. The result is a quality manufactured mount that doesn’t disappoint in either performance or appearance departments.

As an Italian motorcycle the Raptor has very stylish lines that have been craftily pared back into a minimalistic naked sportbike.

Cagiva imbues the Raptor with a sportbike chassis and suspension components that are coupled with feathery lightweight to deliver a good handling, small bore sportbike that performs at the head of the class.

The 125cc motorcycle is fitted with a malfunction injection warning light that immediately signals any problems with the fuel pump, carburetor or ECU.

Inverted, gold anodized forks, alloy spoke wheels, a low slung exhaust pipe and large disc brakes provide a solid platform for this 125cc upright standard.

The 2011 Cagiva Raptor 125 motorcycle is intended for the youth market, with a focus on attracting new sport riders with a functionality wrapped up in uncompromising good looks for a discerning and style conscious teen and young adult market.


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