Edelweiss Begins Its Earth Expedition

Motorcycle Tour Around the Globe

On Nov. 21, in Mieming, Austria, Edelweiss – the world’s number 1 guided motorcycle tour company – began their Discover Our Earth Expedition.

The trip, which is a tour around the globe, will traverse 40,000 miles and last eight months. The tour is the zenith in Edelweiss’s 30 years of creating and operating tours around the world for the discerning motorcycle adventurer.

The start of this particular tour represents a year of preparation and symbolically started at Edelweiss’ home base of Mieming, Austria (which they declare is the center of the universe).

Edelweiss has led almost 30,000 motorcycle enthusiasts on over 1,600 tours to all parts of the world since 1980 and for the ultimate celebration they decided to mount the most spectacular motorcycle tour.

Thirty, two-wheel adventurers from the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria signed up to be part of this landmark celebration by Edelweiss.

Company founder, Werner Wachter, commented moments before departing on the gargantuan journey: "I am excited and very happy that we finally start!"

Short but sweet, Wachter’s words reflect an unbridled enthusiasm for creating an unequaled venue to give motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to comb the world on two-wheels.

The Discover Our Earth Expedition started in Mieming, Austria and will travel first to Southern Spain, then cross the Mediterranean to Morocco, delving into the Western Sahara. The travelers will return to Malaga for a flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From there they will ride down to Ushuaia before traveling back up to Bogota, Columbia. Crossing the Panama Canal the adventurers will cross Latin America, traveling north to Los Angeles, California.

From L.A. they will make the flight across the Pacific to Australia, where they will ride from Sydney, through Red Rock Country, all the way to Perth. The final stage begins in Bangkok, Thailand with the route covering some of the most exotic countries in Asia before returning to Meiming, Austria on July 27, 2011.

Stay up to date with Edelweiss online and follow the Discover Our Earth blog at worldtourer.com.