Wimmer: Old Skool Motorcycle Air Cleaner

Harley Parts

Wimmer Custom Cycle in conjunction with Vision is proud to introduce their new joint venture…the Old Skool Air Cleaner.

This new high performance motorcycle intake and air cleaner (Permanente serviceable pleated cotton filter available in red or black) provides better airflow and improved performance on all carbureted motors.

In fact, this Old Skool Air Cleaner fits all carbureted and fuel injected and most common size motorcycles, including Harley-Davidson Sportsters, EVO and Twin Cams.

This Harley air cleaner unit is 2" X 6" X 8" and is available in raw, chrome satin nickel, black powder coat, satin or gloss….whatever you want.

The Harley motorcycle part may also be chromed, painted or raw DIY. Mounting kits include internal breathing and will fit almost all applications.

Complete units start at $345.00 and are 100% Made in the USA!

For further information on motorcycle intakes, please contact Wimmer Custom Cycle directly at 1-866-Hot Cycle (1-866-468-2925) and 215-721-4160. You can also view their complete product line at wimmermachine.com or drop them an email at info@wimmermachine.com.