Munch Electric Racing Team Honored

Electric Motorcycle Racing On Monday, Nov. 29, 2010, the minister for Economic Affairs and Technology, Rainer Bruderle, welcomed the MUNCH racing team to his office in Berlin. The motorcycle racing Munch team was honored for their remarkable and outstanding achievements in the field of electric driven motorcycle racing. Having developed their own racing motorcycle, the MUNCH TTE-1.2, the team behind driver Matthias Himmelmann proved their competences many times and took the world championship titles of two racing leagues by storm. Due to the combination of athletic performance and responsible exposure to native resources the MÜNCH racing team set new standards in the field of electric driven motorcycle racing. After having raced a suspenseful season in Europe and North America the team did not only win the world championship title in the technologically important constructing engineer category of the FIM e-Power International Championship but also proved their capability in the TTXGP 2010 world championship competition. Particularly promoting developments in the field of renewable energies the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology used the reception to not only honor the team from Würzburg and Kassel but to also exchange experiences.


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