Former Ducati CEO to U.S. Norton

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Norton Motorcycles

With motorcycles scheduled to arrive in US markets this May, the revived British brand Norton has hired Dan Van Epps to lead the company’s operations in the USA.

Van Epps is the former Cheif Executive Officer of Ducati North America and while in Bologna, Italy, Ducati’s Director of Overseas Markets. He will now be the CEO of Norton Motorcycles USA.

Stuart Garner (Norton Owner and CEO) says: “We have been producing the new 961 Commandos for almost two years, and the orders have been well beyond our most enthusiastic expectations. We’ve had to ramp-up production much earlier than anticipated to grow on pace with our customer’s requests.”

“The exciting news is that we are now ready to enter the important US market, and we’ve chosen Dan Van Epps be CEO of Norton Motorcycles USA. Dan’s depth of experience, and our policy here at Norton to add to the team only the best motorcycle industry professionals, makes him a perfect fit”.”

“This is really an exciting opportunity for us, and we are all confident about our future, however, I am keenly aware of the magnitude of the responsibility in the introduction of Norton to the USA.”

“We are fulfilling the dream and delivering the excitement of a truly iconic all British motorcycle. Partnering with dealers who likewise understand the significance of this brand and its rich heritage is critically important and will be the key to our success.”

The Norton Commando series of sport bikes that will arrive in May 2011 include the traditional Commando 961 Sport, the 961 Cafe Racer and the performance 961 SE.

Every Commando model features an impressive 961cc computer controlled, fuel injected, counter balanced, parallel twin engine, accompanied by the world’s finest components like Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes.

The new Norton Commando 961 SE, limited to a production of 200, features an honest-to-goodness British-designed, air-cooled, long-stroke, parallel-twin powerplant, with pushrods, a dry sump and, saints preserve us, a balancer shaft (no Isolastic frame this time around).

All Commando motorcycles are built in a new manufacturing facility at legendary Donington Park in the British Midlands.


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