2011 Ural Motorcycles Update

2011 Urals

Ural Motorcycles has announced the updates for its 2011 motorcycle models and sidecars.

Starting in 2011, all Urals motorcycles will have aluminum rims on all models (previously on only the Patrol and Tourist), Duro tires, trunk locks on all bikes, new tonneau covers and aprons made from Cordura, new round indicator lamps, upper fork bolts made from aluminum, and improved high strength final drive ring gear bolt.

The 2011 Patrols now come in additional standard colors–orange with silver stripes, and blue with white stripes. The first official photographs of the Gear-Up model show the new Gobi Desert Camouflage, which will replace famous Africa camouflage paint scheme. Also, the 2011 Gear-up is now equipped with single seat (with Cordura seat cover) and a rear fender rack.

The importer, in conjunction with the factory, can also personalize Urals. Options include almost 20 paint color options (you can choose either single or two-tone paint combinations), black engine and transmission, and silver trim for the T and Patrol T models.

Ural tells us that sales have been going well. “Sales have been pretty crazy and this past October especially–the biggest October retail sales since 2006),” a company spokesman says.

“Overall, we are looking at 30-plus percent boost in sales. Not every motorcycle manufacturer will boast such results this year, to say the least. While the 2WD models continue to be a major portion of our sales, the T-series bikes–the Ural T and Patrol T–are becoming the second largest segment.”

“Another interesting development for this year is a two-fold increase in the number of younger customers. With now every sixth customer being 35 or younger, Ural is proving that quite a few new generation riders these days are choosing simplicity, functionality and fun over ever-growing hp’s and cc’s.”

A constant battle for Ural is dealing with the EPA. According to Ural, “We also successfully completed the required emission re-testing for EPA certification. The great news is that we are good with EPA for 2011 and at least a few more years!”