Baja 1000: 250,000 Await Start

2010 Baja 1000

A total of 301 official entries will be part of the 43rd Anniversary celebration of the legendary Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 race Thursday morning in Ensenada, Baja California (Mexico) with the 2010 SCORE Desert Series season point championships on the line.

The granddaddy of all desert races, which is the season-finale of the five-race 2010 SCORE Desert Series is being held on Mexico’s magnificently mysterious Baja California peninsula through Saturday.

With 301 official entries for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs competing in 33 Pro and 7 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs in the internationally televised race, entries have come from 37 U.S. states and 19 countries.

Among the entries are 27 Pro class winners from last year’s race. Late late entries will be accepted on race morning as well so the final entry total is expect to increase even more.

Massive crowds reaching nearly 250,000 are anticipated to again be spread out along the rugged 1,061.69-mile course that travels on both sides of the peninsula as the world’s most famous desert race will start in Ensenada, Baja California and finish all the way down the peninsula in La Paz in Baja California Sur.

This is the 43rd anniversary of the race shrouded in mystery that continues to lure adventurers and manufacturers from across the globe who all share the dream to conquer the Baja.

The race will start on Boulevard Costero adjacent to the picturesque Bahia de Todos Santos in front of the historical Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center in the heart of Ensenada at 6:30 a.m. (PST) Thursday with the motorcycle and ATV classes, followed at approximately 11:30 a.m. with the start of the car and truck classes.

It will finish on the outskirts of La Paz near the Grand Plaza Hotel, race headquarters for the southern half of the event. Vehicles will start in 30-second intervals in the elapsed-time race and all vehicles will have a 45-hour time limit to become official finishers. The fastest vehicles are expected to complete the course between 18 and 19 hours.

This year will be the 36th time in the first 43 years of the storied race that it has started in Ensenada and it will be the 18th time it has finished in La Paz.

In addition to the 37 U.S. States, racers have entered from Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Africa and the US Territory of Guam.

Click video to see the epic motorcycle battle – Honda vs. Kawasaki at 2009 SCORE Baja 1000.

43rd Annual TECATE SCORE BAJA 1000 – Nov. 16-20, 2010 – Final round of five-race 2010 SCORE Desert Series
Ensenada, Baja California, to La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico – 1061.69 miles
TOTAL ENTRIES: 301 (37 States, 19 Countries) (as of 11/17/10)
CLASS 22 (11)

  1. 2x Gabriel Williams-S
  2. 3x A.J. Stewart
  3. 4x Junpei Saito
  4. 5x Steve Corrie
  5. 1x Kendall Norman
  6. 7x David Pearson
  7. 8x Colton Udall
  8. 9x Francisco Arredondo
  9. 10x Dennis Hannel
  10. 11x Mark Bradford
  11. 12x Aaron Lindsey-S

CLASS 21 (4)

  1. 101x Sol Saltzman
  2. 102x Adam Neuwirth
  3. 103x Ernesto Inowe
  4. 149x Ruben Alamo Jr.

CLASS 20 (3)

  1. 151x Jason Trubey
  2. 150x Jesus Rios
  3. 153x Anna Cody

CLASS 30 (8)

  1. 301x Javier Henandez
  2. 302x Steve Garnett
  3. 303x Jonathan Jessy
  4. 304x Markus Saarinen
  5. 305x Ace Nilson
  6. 306x Francisco Septien
  7. 307x Talya Dodson-S
  8. 308x Donald Hatton

CLASS 40 (9)

  1. 401x Tom Vogt
  2. 402x Lloyd Andrew-S
  3. 403x Boo Custer
  4. 404x Louie Franco
  5. 405x Mike Prunty
  6. 406x Andrew Wilkins
  7. 407x Henrik Andersen
  8. 408x Mike Kay
  9. 449x Terry Peregoodoff-S

CLASS 50 (2)

  1. 501x Jim Dizney
  2. 500x Jim O’Neal
  3. CLASS 60 (2)
  4. 618x Donald E. Lewis
  5. 619x Bill Nichols

CLASS 25 (6)

  1. 2a Felipe Velez
  2. 1a Wayne Matlock
  3. 5a Josh Edwards
  4. 6a Eric Bakx
  5. 7a Craig Christy
  6. 8a J. Baltazar Garcia

CLASS 24 (7)

  1. 101a Shawn Robins
  2. 102a Brandon Brown
  3. 103a Tom Wright
  4. 104a Natanael Morron
  5. 100a Craig Christy
  6. 106a Efren Carrasco
  7. 107a Carlos Casteneda

CLASS 26 (3)

  1. 200a Reid Rutherford
  2. 218a Mike Penland
  3. 219a Rob Ransford


  1. 1401 Dan Kolenich
  2. 1400 Peter Lang
  3. 1403 Mark McIntyre
  4. 1404 Michael Brown
  5. 1405 Fernando Hoyos
  6. 1407 William Caswell
  7. 1449 June-Taek Yoon


  1. 1501 Randy Swink
  2. 1502 Bill Wolford
  3. 1503 Ken Fraizer
  4. 1504 Rigoberto Cazares
  5. 1505 Gregg Smith


  1. 1800 Thomas Graves
  2. 1801 Kevin Fuller
  3. 1802 Chris Koch


  1. 1151 Katsushige Ono
  2. 1152 Jeff Grange

SPT M/C 250< (7)

  1. 202x Michele Bergman
  2. 203x Matt Ladendorf
  3. 204x Greg Willitts
  4. 205x Fred Sobke
  5. 206x Ron Tolman
  6. 207x Tony Carrell
  7. 208x Hiram Figueroa

SPT M/C 250> (42)

  1. 251x Tom Lajoie
  2. 252x Don Gentry
  3. 253x Mike Frick
  4. 254x Mike Mensinger
  5. 255x Barry Van Fossan
  6. 256x Oscar Fazz
  7. 257x Tom Buikema-S
  8. 258x Lance Kane-S
  9. 259x Carl Westphal-S
  10. 260x John Legate
  11. 261x David Smoljan-S
  12. 262x Craig Anstine
  13. 263x Yoshiyuki Imai
  14. 264x Peter Hardy-S
  15. 265x Chuck Shortt
  16. 266x Tibi Imbuzan-S
  17. 268x Nobuyuki Oguri-S
  18. 269x Go Onodera
  19. 270x Makoto Mitsuki
  20. 271x Anthony Nicodemo
  21. 272x Paul Lopez
  22. 273x Ulises Fierro
  23. 274x Salvador Sainz
  24. 275x Michael Korenwinder-S
  25. 276x Sanjay Shanbhag-S
  26. 277x James Avery
  27. 278x Tomoki Hayashi
  28. 279x Timothy Schimke-S
  29. 280x Andrew Tweedle
  30. 281x Keith Ciampa-S
  31. 282x Thierry Mas-S
  32. 283x Yuji Kikuchi
  33. 284x Yuzo Ota
  34. 285x Edd Price
  35. 286x Davy Patterson-S
  36. 287x Shawn Evans
  37. 289x Dimitri Flores
  38. 290x Carlos Alonso
  39. 291x Joe Blocksom
  40. 292X Risto Niemi-S
  41. 298x Wesley Glogner
  42. 299x Ken Kosiorek-S


  1. 51a Brad McLean
  2. 52a Fernando Amador
  3. 98a Greg Row-S
  4. 99a Gustavo Ameca

S-Indicates Solo Rider

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