Harley EVO Cam Cover Quick Change Kit

Harley Motorcycle Parts

Getting ready to swap out a set of Harley-Davidson EVO cams and want everything at your fingertips to make it a quick, no hassle operation?

Well James Gaskets has you covered with this all inclusive EVO Cam Cover Quick Change Kit. Each package includes all the essential gaskets, O-rings and seals to remove and install the cover with a leak free fit.

The motorcycle EVO cam cover gasket is 0.036" thick and features a steel core with high density gasket paper and rubber bead on both sides.

These motorcycle components are designed to fit 1993-1999 Harley-Davidson Evolution style Big Twins and retail for just $29.68.

You can order the EVO Quick Change Cam Kit from J&P, Dennis Kirk or call James at 775-246-2220 for a dealer near you. Be sure to catch them on line at jamesgaskets.com.