Davies talks 2011 Supersport & 675R

2011 World Supersport

Chaz Davies (ParkinGO BE-1 Triumph) has already started his campaign for the 2011 Supersport World Championship season, having tested at Aragon recently.

He spoke to about his plans for the 2011 motorcycle racing season, this time around in a two-rider BE-1 set-up, with Luca Scassa as his teammate.

Davies was in discussion with other teams about rides in 2011, but elected to stay with a team that helped give him four podium finishes in 2010.

"A lot of my decision to stay with BE-1 was to have continuity with a team that I am comfortable with," said Chaz.

"They are a bunch of guys I really like. We have had a decent, very consistent 2010 season. I have not had that for a long time and whatever direction you go in it is always a risk to move away from something you are comfortable with."

"I have done that a lot before – taken a risk – and it has not always paid off. So it is a good move to have some consistency and peace of mind for next year. I know what we can do now and hopefully we can improve on what we did this year. "

With a new Daytona 675R on the way, Davies expects some spec changes to his 2011 machine, but an evolution, not a revolution.

"There will be some changes, but nothing major. The Daytona R is out and we will probably use the brakes and so on off of that, but the team have got a bit of scope left in developing the existing engine."

"They have always erred on the side of engine reliability, and we will have to that again due to the new engine rules, which specify only one spare engine. But there are different ways where they can gain some easy power, and electronics are one area where we can improve quite a lot."

Davies is also more content that this year there will be only two riders in the team, when last year there were four.

"We tested at Aragon with the rest a couple of weeks ago, and even there, at the first test, only having two riders in the team was just easier. So for Luca and myself it should be a lot more methodical. I got chatting with Luca at the test and we have some things in common so I think he will be a good teammate."

"He rode well last year and we are a similar size. I don’t think I have ever had a team-mate who was taller than me before, so that is good. We also have a similar riding style, quite aggressive on the bike, and he is a late braker like me as well."


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