2011 Hyosung ST-E3 Electric


2011 Electric Scooter

S&T Motors, the makers of Hyosung motorcycles and scooters, has announced the EVA ST-E3; a new electric scooter for release in 2011 in the United States. A lithium-polymer battery that can be charged using a standard household outlet will power the EVA.

According to Hyosung, the EVA can be ridden up to three hours on a charge–approximately 75 miles at a constant speed of 20-mph. Top speed of the EVA is 37 mph, making it an appropriate vehicle for crowded urban areas.

According to Hyosung, the EVA will feature Korea’s first built in VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display), which allows the rider to read battery status, scooter body condition, and drive condition, simultaneously. The adoption of the MCU (Motor Control Unit) constantly checks overcharge and over-current and adjusts for premium conditions.

Trial rides have been completed at Haeun Beach, Gwangan Beach, JoongMoon attraction, and many other tourist locations. According to Kim Tak Kwon, President of S&T Motors, S&T Motors will release 2.5kw and 4kw level eco-friendly electric vehicles to the market in the future.

Kim Do Kwan, governor of GyeongSangNam-Do, celebrated the production of electric scooters, saying, “Producing electric scooters by S&T Motors represents a lot to the new eco-friendly business. We’ll support this business as a Green Development Business with New & Renewable Energy.”

Mr. Park Wan Soo, mayor of ChangWon City added, “Producing eco-friendly electric scooters without noise and pollution means a lot to the Korean Green Development Business for S&T Motors.”

Hyosung Motors America, Inc. plans to launch the EVA ST-E3 electric scooter in United States, Canada, and South America.