Harley Knucklehead Cylinder Gasket Kit

Harley Parts

Harley-Davidson Knuckleheads require special care and precision fit components.

So, the next time you do a "top end" job on one of these very cool engines you might want to pick up the James Knucklehead Cylinder Base and Head Gasket Kits

James' unique Harley Knucklehead head gaskets are 0.020" thick dead-soft copper embossed to provide a tight seal.

Application-specific base gaskets are patented beaded rubber-covered metal. It is this bead that provides additional elastomer to seal the split between the crankcase halves.

Additionally, the rubber-covered metal gasket material provides excellent sealing characteristics and exceptional torque retention.

At just $24.95 these gaskets are an inexpensive way to ensure a leak free, perfect seal when reinstalling that beautiful top end on your Knucklehead Harley.

Purchase from J&P, Dennis Kirk or call 775-246-2220 for a dealer near you. You can also email james at customerservice@jamesgaskets.com or catch them on line at jamesgaskets.com.


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