Honda New Mid Concept | Wallpaper

Honda Wallpaper

The 2011 Honda New Mid Concept motorcycle claims reinvents two-wheeled travel.

Honda took the spirit of a sportbike and the comfort of a scooter into a totally new package, the New Mid Concept will offer the riding sensation of a motorcycle but with the convenience of a scooter.

The New Mid Concept foot-forward position will provide comfort for the rider and offer additional protection from weather.

The newly designed 17-inch wheels with Honda PRO-LINK rear suspension add to the motorcycle look and enhance high speed stability and maneuverability with the optimum size radial tires giving a sporty ride.

The front fairing air vents coupled with the larger wheels will deliver greater stability when riding at higher speeds.

The Honda DCT (automatic transmission) will give the rider the option of experiencing a pure riding experience, indulging in the thrill of the winding roads, or riding with ease when weaving through city traffic.

In addition to giving a dynamic riding experience, this new transmission can also deliver fuel efficiency better than a conventional manual gearbox.

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